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Who Are We?

We are a 21st century Business conglomerate with multiple brands under our portfolio.


To develop, implement and manage innovative ideas into successful business enterprises.


To grow a portfolio of  enterprises that drive innovation and constantly add value across borders.


Our brand is built on transparency, creativity, attention to details and reliability.

About FCM

Who We Are?

What started as a small media brand five years ago has grown steadily into a business conglomerate. FCM is a company built on trust and exceptional service. We have evolved from entertaining our clients to providing quality and value-added services to them—thriving into a household name. We showed up every single day to serve audiences with the quality information at the right time. This act of rare and unprecedented consistency turned these audiences to not just clients but a staunch family of the brand. As the community grew, two other main creatives were pivotal to the growth and scaling of the brand. 


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What Some Of Our Clients Say?

I am more familiar with the investment part of the brand and I can confidently say I have been so pleased with the professionalism at which my assets has been handled.

I have been using their investment platform for up to a year and I’m very fulfilled with the competence of the team.

Adeniran Micheal

I have been a big fan of the brand from day 1. Words cannot express how good the brand have been over the years. Amazing team, amazing platform, amazing content. Just name it. The whole experience is wholesome.

Adenekan Al-Amin
The brand has been excellent in service delivery and their innovative department is top-notch to sustain them within the competitive industry.
Samuel Olowookere